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Andrew Kramer, Founder

What would life be like if we loved ourselves? If our intentions were peace and progress, collaboration and trust. What if our social and emotional tool belt was built before we grew up? What if our education was honest, direct, and emphasized vulnerability, communication, and didn't leave us feeling shame around our identities or sexuality? What a world that would be! 

This is exactly why we started Whole Human Project - to provide youth with sex education and social and emotional learning programs that support their growing curiosities and physical and emotional development. We believe that youth deserve information, support, and the space to ask questions about puberty, and relationships, and sex, and attraction - and that their educators and families are supported to aid in that process. 

Thanks for joining us on our journey. The kids are grateful and so are we!

Mim Shafer

Sex Education and Identities Curriculum Manager/Whole Human Educator

Board of Directors

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